Welcome to the Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society

World Headquarters Uijong-bu, Korea

Dear TangSooDo MooDukKwan Family Members,

Grand Master Yong Hon KimAs the President of the Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your interest in our officially recognized organization and tell you about the benefits of joining and it’s purpose.

The Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society is the oldest and most respected active organization dedicated to our art and was developed to provide advanced traditional training and support for TangSooDo MooDukKwan family members from the beginner white belt to Grand Master level instructors. It is our belief that proficiency comes from training and loyalty comes from supporting the members of the Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society.

Over the years there has been a division of our family by people who made separate groups to keep their students from becoming officially recognized by the world headquarters in Korea. Some did so out of simple greed to use membership and ranking fees to finance their own lavish lifestyles while making their understudy Masters and Instructors work as “volunteers” with no true Korean rank to back their years of study. Many of these students trained for years to become instructors and masters in their own rights but without the benefit of official membership and support. We are calling for all TangSooDo MooDukKwan members to finally come back to their true Korean roots and join the family that their art developed from. In some parts of the world our art is often referred to as Korean Karate because of the many resemblances between our Korean art and Japanese Shotokan Karate.

Each and every one of our family members has the right to attend events. It has been the attendance and participation at our events that has given us the fraternal atmosphere that we have with our members. Our roots are traced back to the founder of our art and beyond. We will accept membership from anyone of good character who is interested in our history, philosophy, teachings and fellowship. If you own a Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan school or teach classes in your town then you can benefit greatly from joining us.

The senior Grand Masters are now in their 80s and 90s and they are passing away faster than the next generation of Grand Masters replaces them. That is why we are looking for sincerely dedicated mature people who believe as we do that teaching character and philosophy of our art is as important as the potentially lethal martial arts moves. If that describes you then please feel free to contact us.

Once again, I thank you for your interest in in our organization. If you are looking for affiliation with dedicated traditional martial artists and a direct link to your Korean martial arts roots then you have come to the right place. We look forward to helping you spread our martial arts by reaching more people in your community.

Yong Hon Kim
Grand Master / President
Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society

P.S. Because of our official government recognition and our reputation for excellence we have an exclusive agreement with World Martial Arts Media to get exposure for all of our member schools. Don’t miss your chance to become a part of martial arts history and belong to the original roots of our art.

Click here to download your Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society membership application form.

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