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The Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society is proud to recommend these valuable free resources listed below. We are the world’s leading resource for TangSooDo MooDukKwan information, training, education and entertainment events. Here is where you find our free gifts to you. Enjoy them in good health. Be sure to invite your friends to this site to get their free gifts as well.

We are proud to be a contributor to the World Martial Arts Media family, the world’s largest and most respected online media network for martial arts worldwide.

We invite you to check out our articles in World Martial Arts Magazine that focus on the traditional aspects of TangSooDo MooDukKwan training such as fitness and character development and of course incredible self-defense.

Don’t forget to tune in each week to hear us on the World Martial Arts Radio Show with Grand Master Fred Parks and Dr. Richard Hackworth. Grand Master Parks shares with you his incredible depths of knowledge about the science of TangSooDo MooDukKwan and why these movements created centuries ago are just as effective on the streets today.

We also participate in theĀ World Martial Arts Television Show. Our International Membership & Training Director Grand Master Fred Parks is the co-host of this incredible show. You can watch the show online for free by visiting World Martial Arts Media or just check out the show at World Martial Arts TV!

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