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Pigs and Angels: A lesson in philosophy

The Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society philosophy lesson of the day

Pig or Angel?

There was a monk who one day found himself in the presence of the King, who was not a very kind person.

During their conversation, for no apparent reason, the King said to the monk, “you know, you look just like a pig.”

To this the monk calmly replied, “and you, Your Majesty, look just like an angel.”

A bit bewildered, the King demanded, “how could you tell me I look like an angel when I just said you look like a pig?”

The monk responded, “when a pig looks, it sees pigs. When an angel looks, it sees angels.”

Ask yourself: How does this apply to my own beliefs about who I am and how I see others?

This lesson teaches us to look for the good in others so that we may see the good in ourselves.

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